Founded in July 2000, S2’s focus has been on providing software that makes it easier for teams to continuously verify their products during the development cycle.

We initially specialized in the embedded software market. Our first product Stride™ 1.0 was introduced in January 2003. Stride is a test framework for writing C/C++ test cases executing on a device. Stride™ 5.0 has recently been released and is now available for general use.

Over time, these once tightly constrained embedded devices have become more like desktop computers opening them up to a vast array of tools and test frameworks. Faced with these changing times we looked to new technologies and other trends in the industry to extend the value of our test framework. An integrated web application became the obvious choice.

The initial concept was to use the application to create a test design, run the design, and overlay the test results for viewing, and with the addition of team collaboration features. Everything related to the tests would be fully integrated and unified in the web-application. The early versions were very much coupled to our Stride test framework. Gradually, over time we started publishing results from other test frameworks.

Working closely with our customers, it became apparent that the specifics of a test framework were of little concern to managers and their leads. More important was the need to see overall results, metrics and trends. This changed our view and we increased our focus on supporting test content from any language, framework, and tool.

We've now introduced our new product and service called Testspace™. Testspace has evolved to become a results dashboard with built-in analytics for test automation. Going beyond simply publishing and formatting data metrics, Testspace performs in-depth analysis generating quality insights – insights that facilitate the monitoring and driving of the development workflow.

S2 is headquartered in Encinitas California.