Cypress is a powerful and easy-to-use E2E testing framework that offers several advantages over other frameworks. Cypress also integrates with popular CI/CD tools, such as GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Buildkite, etc. This facilitates automating system testing workflows.

Testspace has built-in integrations with CI/CD tools and provides an alternative to the dashboard for visualizing test results and other important metrics.

Current Test Results

Cypress XML Reporter

Although there is a default junit reporter built into Cypress, it is very basic and does not capture important failure details like screenshots and logs. Thus, we decided to implement a new Cypress XML Reporter that would supports this type of information, including videos of failing tests. These artifacts are automatically attached to suites and managed in Testspace.

npm install cypress-xml-reporter --sav-dev

To publish content simply “push” file(s) with the Testspace CLI.

testspace results/**/*.xml{cypress/e2e}

Example Repo

This example repo demonstrates how the Cypress Test Runner, the Cypress XML Reporter, and Testspace can work together.

In this example, there are three use cases supported by Testspace that are being demonstrated:

  1. The logs generated by the cypress terminal report
  2. The video capturing the execution of the file
  3. The screenshot of the test case - displays two todo items by default - that failed (see below)

The following test suite can be viewed HERE:

Failing Test Suite

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