Continuous Integration Testing

Collect. Analyze. Manage.

Quality Analytics for the test automation workflow

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Manage the quality of your software development process using data insights!

Manage workflow efficiency, review quality trends and assess the overall effectiveness of your testing. Drive quality objectives for all projects within the organization.

code coverage metrics

Turn content such as test results, code coverage, static analysis, churn, and defects into actionable metrics. The built-in analytics based indicators enable data-driven decision making concerning the engineering health of your projects.

static analysis metrics

Start collecting test content today. Use your existing languages and frameworks. The content is analyzed to provide detailed status with built-in reports. Track all your metrics along with their historical trends.

Leverage event logs turning errors, performance, and other important information into useful metrics.

Add more insights to continuous integration

A quick and easy method to review repo status, analyze trends, and drive process. Unified results analysis that spans tools, CI systems, and programming languages. 

Continuous Integration Tools

Our Testspace development managed in Testspace: s2technologies:testspace/insights

Testspace supports branch-based workflows used by many teams and projects. Developers receive alerts when a branch regresses. Leads set and monitor quality objectives for a development branch. Managers review and assess overall quality effectiveness spanning multiple repositories.

Testspace works with existing
CI tools and test frameworks

Simple command line client utility used for pushing content

$ testspace tests*.xml code-coverage.xml ...

Testspace enables more metrics collection!

Improve your build and test reporting. Add custom metrics, attachments, and other artifacts important to the overall health of the software.

software quality dashboard

Testspace aggregates collected content into a single overall health indicator. Unique data such as application profiling, developer logs, etc., all turned into useful metrics. 

This content, reflected in a hierarchy of Folders and Suites, is used to communicate purpose and status to the entire team.

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