Test Management for Continuous Integration

Designed for Automation. Powered by Data Mining and Analytics.

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Assess Software Readiness using Analytics

Continuous Data Mining content generated from CI - results, coverage, static analysis, logs, source changes, and more - to assess and predict software release readiness.

code coverage metrics

Use Data when assessing Status! Monitor the health of projects, repositories, local branches, pull requests, etc., all from a single view.

Add more measurements to Verification! Improve your testing by charting metric data from log files and other sources; timing and performance data, resource consumption, and more.

Elevate Important Metrics! Include important metrics in the build status check.

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Drive Process Improvements with Insights

Testspace Insights - performance indicators that continuously assess your testing process - are derived from computational analysis of your regression patterns, code coverage, source change rates, and responsiveness to fixing issues.

Results Strength indicator provides a macro view of the consistency of results being generated by your test automation.

Test Effectiveness indicator is used for assessing the effectiveness of automated tests at capturing side-effects from source code changes.

Workflow Efficiency indicator is used to measure the efficiency of resolving test case failures and closing pull requests.

Optimize Change List Management

Testspace provides views to both track and improve the efficiency of addressing test failures. Good failure management increases team productivity.

static analysis metrics

Triage failures faster! Single-click filtering and complete failure context: call stack, timing information, and more.

Tired of scrolling through logs to find test failures? Move beyond a flat, endless window of test output. In Testspace, your test results mirror your test folders and subfolders as defined in your repository.

Works with existing automated testing tools

  • Jasmine
  • pytest
  • PHPUnit
  • Minitest
  • NUnit
  • Google Test
  • Codecov.io
  • Cobertura
  • JaCoCo
  • Android lint
  • Checkstyle
  • Klocwork
  • Coveralls.io
  • Mocha
  • RSpec
  • Karma
  • Visual Studio
  • .. more

Integrated with existing SCM and
Continuous Integration tools

Testspace automatically supports branch-based workflows and pull requests used by popular tools such as GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

Continuous Integration Tools

NO IMPLEMENTATION REQUIRED! Simply push content using a command line utility.

$ testspace results*.xml code-coverage.xml session.log ..

We use Testspace for our own development along with GitHub and Circle CI.