Manual Testing using GitHub

A Test Management tool fully integrated with GitHub

Manual Test using Repositories

Test Management tool enabling testers to follow the same implementation process as software development. Built-in version control, branching, and pull requests for reviews. Manual tests are implemented as plain-text markdown files and stored in GitHub repositories.

Testers can use the new GitHub's lightweight editor called "". This application runs entirely in your browser.

Version Control using the web-based editor

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Manual Repository Tests automatically discovered

Testspace discovers manual tests stored in repositories. The files are presented as executable test instructions, allowing testers to provide status. Tracking issues can also be auto-generated for Jira and GitHub.

Testspace automatically discovers your Tests
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Manual Coding using a Template language

More advanced manual test implementation can leverage Shopify's "Liquid" template language. This language enables manual test cases to leverage variables, subroutines, and conditional logic.

Testspace has built-in support for Liquid. GitHub also supports the Liquid template language for their Pages (websites).

Built-in support for the Shopify Template language
Testspace pre-processes template files

Manual Execution integrated with GitHub Actions

Automated fixtures, leveraging GitHub Actions, can be integrated with Manual test execution. The automation ensures that the test is in a well-known state before a tester executes any instructions.

Fixtures can reduce tedious and redundant setup/teardown execution requirements. Fixtures are serverless scripts that require no installation steps for testers.

AWS Lambdas also work as fixtures.

Automated Fixturing using GitHub Actions

Resource Articles

Implementing Manual Tests using GitHub Repositories

Implementing Manual Tests using GitHub Repositories

Testspace automatically discovers manual tests that are captured using “simple” plain text Markdown files and are committed to a repository. This approach follows the same process as software development - version control, pull requests for reviews, etc. The files are rendered as test instructions, allowing human testers to execute and provide status.

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Visualizing GitHub Automated Test Results

Visualizing GitHub Automated Test Results

Testspace has built-in integrations with GitHub Actions. To publish content simply “push” file(s) with the Testspace CLI. Test results, code coverage, and other artifacts can be published using a single command.

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Managing Software Quality Under Continuous Integration

Managing Software Quality Under Continuous Integration

Learn how Testspace simplifies managing software quality and release readiness, by leveraging important information buried in your CI/Build systems.

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