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  • What is a User?

    A member with Testspace credentials who has "joined" a Testspace account (organization).

  • What is a Project?

    A collection of containers that are called Spaces. When connected to a Repository, the Spaces represent branches.

  • What is a Session?

    A session is a published collection of test cases contained in a single result record. For example, a CI run represents a single session.

  • Limits on Test Cases?

    Yes. Accounts generating over 1 million test cases per month need an "Enterprise" account.

  • Can I cancel my plan anytime?

    Yes. The owner of the account can cancel at any time. Mid-month changes will be prorated.

  • Is Open Source supported?

    Yes. See our GitHub Marketplace for free open source support. For high volume usage, contact us about "Open-enterprise" accounts.

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