Our open source approach is based on following the lead of other companies in the industry. Thus we feel it’s important for Testspace to be free for open source development. To this end, we’ve integrated with GitHub and have ensured seamless operation with Travis CI.

Our next step is to reach out to open source users. We’re selecting GitHub organizations and repos with lots of activity, branches, and forks, and targeting teams practicing continuous Integration with quality checks.

Adding Testspace to a forked repo takes us minutes. And once added, the GitHub pull request makes it simple for users to view the minimal changes – and to try out or add Testspace for themselves.

Testspace is Free for open-source development!

Why give Testspace a try?

To allow your Contributors to move beyond the flat, endless console output from Travis CI.

As Owners, monitor the health of all your repositories, their local branches, and pull requests from a single dashboard.

See our article Managing Software Quality Under Continuous Integration for more details.

Testspace in the Fork and Pull workflow

Testspace is integrated with GitHub and Travis CI. Changes to the repo trigger a Travis build and test. All artifacts - test results, code coverage, custom metrics, etc. - are automatically pushed to the Testspace Server.

GitHub, Travis, and Testspace

The Evolution of Testspace

The realization of Testspace has evolved over years, first internally, and then with a key fortune 500 customer who had a need for managing very complex results from different product lines.

Our first product Stride is a test framework for C/C++, specifically for embedded devices. The early versions of Testspace were very much coupled to our Stride product. Gradually, over time we started publishing results from other test frameworks.

Working closely with our customers, it became apparent that the specifics of a test framework were of little concern to managers and their leads. More important was the need to see overall results, metrics and trends. This changed our view and we increased our focus on supporting test content from any language, framework, and tool.

Testspace has become our flagship product.

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