Here at Testspace we’re excited to introduce yet another Online VCS/CI Integration. Users of GitLab - a leader in Continuous Integration software - can now connect Testspace to their git repositories.

GitLab Continuous Integration Dashboard

Testspace provides Quality Analytics to the GitLab Workflow.

Connecting Testspace to your GitLab Groups is simple

With Testspace connected services, there are no plugins to install or configure. Testspace owners and admins simply connect to their GitLab Groups with a single click.

GitLab Groups

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Once connected, creating a Testspace project is as simple as selecting a GitLab repository from a list.

GitLab Repos

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Adding Testspace to the GitLab Automation Takes Minutes

Files – output from the Continuous Integration Process – are pushed to the Testspace server using a simple client. Adding Testspace to online CI is merely as simple as adding a client utility to the install process.

Once setup…


  • Developers receive alerts when branches regress, from any data source or metric.
  • Leads set and monitor quality objectives for a development branch.
  • Managers review and assess overall quality effectiveness spanning multiple repositories.

Testspace has zero impact on the workflow!

So why would you use Testspace with GitLab?

  • To dashboard test results from every branch under every repository.
  • To traige and manage test failures.
  • To track the history of failing test cases.
  • To monitor standard and custom metrics.
  • To add Quality Analitics to GitLab workflow.

Get setup in minutes!

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Testspace works seamlessly with the vast majoritiy of CI systems and online services, including

Travis CI Circle CI Jenkins Appveyor Shippable GitLab CI Bitbucket Pipelines